If you own one of the truly magnificent homes and your goal is to simply rent it a couple of weeks or you want to make your home earn you some income, you are welcome to join us.


Renting your vacation home through Alice Blue Villas is a benefit to you. 

Our clientele is usually formed by families or groups of friends who want to relax and to enjoy intimate moments.


We do have some strict standards about the villas we include in our portfolio: 

  • The property should have a private pool, unless it’s located on the beach or close to the beach. 
  • The property is complete and is fully furnished with taste, style and quality furnishings
  • The property provides guests with linen towels
  • The property provides cleaning service at least twice a week
  • The property must offer excellent levels of comfort and be maintained to impeccable standards.
  • The property is insured against fire (recommended)

    For an initial appraisal of the quality and value of your property we will need to receive:

  • A filled out description/application (PDF download application in English at the bottom of the page) and sent it to 
  • Very good quality, good resolution, professional pictures of the house showing: exterior view, the view the house itself has from living areas, interior views of living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, outside sitting areas, pool, the beach. 
  • Exact location and months of availability
  • List of sites & portals where it appears
  • Published (if any) prices


    In order to legally rent your Greek property to holidaymakers you must obtain a license from the Greek National Tourist Organisation - GNTO - known as EOT in Greek (Elliniko Organismo Tourismo EOT ). Whether you rent to friends or through a third party, if you are receiving an income from the house as a holiday rental you are required by Greek law to have an EOT license. It is illegal for holiday homes to be rented or advertised for rent without an EOT License.


    The license is designed to ensure that holiday accommodation is of a sufficient standard and the government is very keen that visitors to the islands can stay in property that is safe and will give the holidaymakers a good impression of Greek standards. The EOT license will confirm that your property meets the exacting standards of the Greek Tourist board.  Once you have obtained the EOT license for a house it is valid indefinitely and does not need renewal.


    As a holiday home owner, working with Alice Blue Villas gives you the ability to maximize your rental income in an easy way.