Alice Blue Villas Experience

Alice Blue Villas offers a selection of the finest villas in Greece, Italy and France complemented with a wide range of luxury services.

Our villas are among the most exclusive homes in their destination due to their location, personality and features. 


Staying in a villa is totally different from that in a hotel:


Privacy: our villas are usually in private areas, far from the crowds and the busy city life. 

Freedom: experience the absolute freedom; imagine the luxury of having breakfast with no dress code or of choosing where and when you want to dine. 

All spaces are yours: there are no "staff only" areas in a private villa. You can go in the kitchen or swim in your own pool anytime you want.

Real family moments: a villa offers the opportunity to really enjoy the company of your family or friends. Having drinks at the terrace enjoying the sunset all together, or just having some good laughs no matter how late it got; these will be the moments of your vacation that you will cherish the most.


Our villas are designed to maximize the experience of the area they are located in. They don’t provide a “sterilized” hotel environment rather they reflect the personality of their owner and are fully adapted to the way of life of area they are located in.

When staying in a villa you get to know more about the destination you are visiting.