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Villas for rent in Greece

Our website provides villas for rent in Greece, with full description of facilities, location and real pictures. If you are looking to rent a villa in Greece in Alonissos, Antiparos, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Mykonos, Paros, Meganisi, Rhodos, Skiathos, Zakynthos or Creta and you need more informations, we are glad to help.

Calix rent a villa in Kefalonia

Villa Calix is situated on a rocky promontory ascending cliff, gazing at the crystal waters of ...

Sleeps: 6
Price / WeekStarting from :
1.310 €
See more Cod: KEF106

Janus rent a villa in Lefkada

Villa Janus has been created here respecting the traditional architecture and..

Sleeps: 6
Price / WeekStarting from :
1.240 €
See more Cod: LEF138

Floral White rent a villa in Lefkada

The villa features a private pool, a garden with lawns, olive trees and Greek herbs.

Sleeps: 4
Price / WeekStarting from :
1.050 €
See more Cod: LEF106

Moonstone rent a villa in Alonissos

Villa Moonstone is part of Chantal Complex with stunning views, enviable swimming pool and all...

Sleeps: 8
Price / WeekStarting from :
1.120 €
See more Cod: ALO101

Demetria rent a villa in Alonissos

Demetria villa belongs to Apollonia Complex which is the perfect getaway for discerning couples...

Sleeps: 3
Price / WeekStarting from :
1.750 €
See more Cod: ALO104

Irene rent a villa in Lefkada

Villa Irene is exquisitely designed and craftsman-built to a world-class standards.

Sleeps: 10
Price / WeekStarting from :
2.680 €
See more Cod: LEF102
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