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Villas for rent in Greece

Our website provides villas for rent in Greece, with full description of facilities, location and real pictures. If you are looking to rent a villa in Greece in Alonissos, Antiparos, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Mykonos, Paros, Meganisi, Rhodos, Skiathos, Zakynthos or Creta and you need more informations, we are glad to help.

Melissa rent a villa in Corfu

Melissa is situated in a unique and quiet area just above a picturesque secluded beach.

Sleeps: 8
Price / WeekStarting from :
3.360 €
See more Cod: COR101

Kyra rent a villa in Rhodos

Kyra villa is situated only 150m from the beach and has bedrooms, one bathroom...

Sleeps: 4
Price / WeekStarting from :
1.120 €
See more Cod: RHO105

Xenia rent a villa in Kefalonia

Xenia Villa is an ideal base for your relaxed romantic, friendly or family holiday.

Sleeps: 6
Price / WeekStarting from :
4.255 €
See more Cod: KEF115

Cronos rent a villa in Creta

Villa Cronos is located on the west side of the complex, with spacious rooms, modern...

Sleeps: 6
Price / WeekStarting from :
1.400 €
See more Cod: CRE100

Apollo rent a villa in Lefkada

The spectacular views and luxury accommodation will just take your breath away.

Sleeps: 12
Price / WeekStarting from :
3.080 €
See more Cod: LEF137

Theodora rent a villa in Lefkada

Villa Theodora has elements that harmoniously compose the residence interiors...

Sleeps: 4
Price / WeekStarting from :
700 €
See more Cod: LEF121
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